As we all know, there’s nothing better than a family weekend or holiday filled with adventure and fun. So with winter approaching, our family-on-the-road from the TV Travel Series Places We Go have put together some tips for a successful family ski holiday!


All mountains in Australia are geared around families, but ensure that you research where you are staying and that it is a child friendly lodge. It will make your stay more enjoyable, for both you and the kids. We have found that apartments that are self contained, or lodges with communal kitchens and lounges (usually with crackling fires!), are best for kids so they are not cooped up in one-room hotel accommodations. They can meet other kids and enjoy a lot more space when they are not out on the ski fields.



Be prepared with the right clothes! This might seem obvious, but there really is nothing worse than being cold, especially when children are involved. So make sure you and kids layer up, and can add and subtract from your outfit as the day unfolds. These days there are some wonderful scientifically designed clothes that will keep you warm and dry, and can be found within all budget ranges, so all you have to do is concentrate on your skiing style. Socks are also crucial and can be uncomfortable if you wear the wrong type. Buy knee-high non-ribbed socks which will not wrinkle inside the boot, causing blisters.



There are two very important pieces of headgear equipment. Sunglasses/goggles and a ski helmet. Make sure you and the rest of the family take sunglasses for sunny days, and ski goggles for poor visibility. It is very important to protect your eyes from a young age, and once again, being comfortable makes for an enjoyable day. With regards to a ski helmet, they are almost compulsory these days and will guard your little ones from any knocks. They can be hired at resorts.



Each skier should keep their own lift-pass in a pocket of their jacket and not use this pocket for anything else. This should hopefully prevent losing a pass, or leaving it behind at your accommodation when you get to your first lift of the day! There is nothing more frustrating, as it takes quite an effort to gear up and hit the slopes, especially when there is more than one of you and everyone else is ready for some action!


If someone hasn’t skied before in your family, or may not have skied for a while book in for ski school early in your trip. Once you learn some much needed tips, or reacquaint yourself with the slopes, you get much more enjoyment out of your holiday. Ski schools, or private lessons take very little time for the outcome, giving you the freedom and confidence to really get out there and have a go. Another option is putting your children into ski school for the week, which leaves you free to ski! They will have a fun-filled holiday making new friends while fine-tuning their skills!

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