Just imagine… you’re on your next holiday up at 1770, swimming in the beautiful ocean waters over the Great Barrier Reef. Snorkelling sets would make it that much better, being able to look at all the amazing fish and coral underneath you. With Mirage there are options and different colours available for the whole family!

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Have you ever seen someone else at their campsite, lying back looking so comfortable in their reclined lounger and thought to yourself

“I wish I had one of those…”

Well now is your chance, put it on your wishlist and you might just score one this Christmas!

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tentAre you the seasoned camping family, you go nearly every holiday and hate it when you have to miss out? Perhaps you’ve still got the traditional canvas cabin tent or a large dome tent – both taking a fair amount of time to setup!

Or maybe you only camp occasionally, sometimes for short periods of time and when you do you’d prefer to have your campsite setup as soon as possible!

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Have you ever dreamed of owning a Weber? This would be a lot of people’s idea of the ultimate Christmas gift!

Next time you head out to the park for a fun filled day out, you can take your weber too. Prepare your leg of lamb before you leave home, when you arrive put on to cook and after an hour and half of play (or rest) your roast lunch will be cooked to perfection!


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Every fisher needs storage to keep all of their gear safe and easily accessible when out on the water.

This is a great option for the kids to give their Dad for Christmas! All you need to do is work out which one you need; there’s plenty of bags or boxes available with varying number of trays.

You can even get a bag with a built in stool for the days out on the pier.

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 No other multi-purpose board has this much fun built into one package!

All new and in a category of its own, The Thing offers multiple ways to have fun out on the water.

So what are you waiting for? Put The Thing onto your wishlist and shred it up on the water these holidays!

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Whether you’re catching dinner or a winner for the brag board, fishing is a great sport which provides enjoyment for people of all ages. Why not take the kids out and teach them how it’s done and with a bit of luck, persistence and a little know-how, you’ll be reeling in fish all day long!

Check out our range of rods, reels, tackle, line, bags and accessories here

Pro tip: Combos are a great way to grab a perfectly matched rod and reel that is suited to your type of fishing.

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Are you one of those people who seem to have everything and everyone is always saying how hard you are to buy for?


Do you love heading outdoors and would like to get out there more often?

Do you have everything you need for a picnic at the beach, or park?

If this is you and you answered no to having your picnic needs sorted, then this is the perfect gift for you with various items ranging in price.

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fridge-freezersNo camper should be without a portable fridge/freezer!

Our range offers a selection and variety to suit every need. With extreme cooling performance, low power draw or rugged features they’re keeping your food and drinks at the right temperature while you’re off having fun.

They range from compact in size, mid-size value for money options through to large capacity.

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smokerAnother awesome present for the kids to give their budding masterchef parents this Christmas!

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can only smoke meat; you can also cook vegetables giving them a smoky delicious flavour!

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Click here to view our smoker recipes

The Smoked Scalloped Potatoes are a must try!

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