Victorians love their camping and with no shortage of amazing locations to enjoy, it’s easy to see why Victorians love the outdoors lifestyle. From classic camping in the Grampians to enjoying stunning ocean views from your tent, you’re sure to find a few more spots to add to your camping bucket list from our selection.

Buandik-camping-area,-Paul-SmedleyBuandik Camping Area, Grampians National Park

Camping in the Grampians is a rite of passage for Victorian campers. This astoundingly beautiful national park has plenty of camping areas to choose from, but Buandik camping area is our pick of the bunch.

Set in a secluded forest setting, Buandik camping area has limited facilities. But it’s close to many of the prime attractions of the Grampians, including two well-known rock-art sites. This is what getting back to nature is meant to be like.

Tidal River Camping Area, Wilsons Promontory National Park

Tidal River camping area is one of the most popular camping areas in Victoria, and it’s easy to see why. It’s the main camping area in Wilsons Promontory National Park, which is one of the most sublimely beautiful spots in the state.

The camping area has everything you’d expect from a major camping area, including hot showers and a kiosk. It’s located behind the dunes at Norman Beach, and is only a short walk to the coastal views that have made the Prom famous. During peak times Parks Victoria runs a ballot system to allocate campsites, so visit off-peak if you are seeking a side order of peace and quiet with your camping trip.

Thurra River Camping Area, Croajingolong National Park

Croajingolong National Park isn’t quite as flashy as the Prom, but it has a quiet beauty – and a fantastic range of activities – that draws campers to the park. The park follows the coastline for 100 kilometres, just south of the border with New South Wales.

You’ll find a large camping area on the peaceful Thurra River, with sites dispersed along the banks. It’s also only a short walk to the beach. The site has limited facilities, which adds to the calming nature of the park. Sit back with some binoculars to catch a glimpse of the astounding birdlife or get out onto the water in a kayak.

The camping area can get very busy, so you need to book in peak times.

Blanket Bay Camping Area, Great Otway National Park

If you’re looking for a place to stay for the night after a day’s driving along the Great Ocean Road, Blanket Bay camping area is worth the detour into Great Otway National Park.

The camping area is located around 15 kilometres into the park. Arriving at Blanket Bay, it’s not hard to see why this camping area needs a ballot system to allocate sites at the most popular times of the year. Even though the site has limited facilities, which includes toilets and picnic tables, these shaded sites are within coo-ee of a spectacular ocean beach.

Frosty-Hollow,-ErrinundraFrosty Hollow Camping Area, Errinundra National Park

You won’t often find Errinundra National Park on a list of must-visit destinations in Victoria. But those who don’t visit are missing out on a place of almost mystical beauty, as this national park protects the largest area of temperate rainforest in Victoria. There are also some fantastic lookouts that will have bushwalkers reaching for their shoes.

Frosty Hollow camping area is the only place to camp within the park, and is very basic. The only real amenity is the toilet. But anything too flashy would diminish the magical charm of this park.

You can also only access the camping area in dry weather, and visiting in winter is not encouraged.

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