Camping is certainly gaining in popularity and with that growth there seems to be an ever-increasing demand for quality camping gear and products. In spite of demand, camping can cost as much as your back pocket will allow.

Exotic locations across Australia aren’t just for those that want to stay in five star resorts. In fact, some of the prettiest locations are reserved for those towing a van, pitching a tent or throwing down a swag.

Many of the best campsites are also located close to major cities, making them ideal destinations to head off to on a Friday night for a weekend getaway.

The list below is just a sample of some of the best (in no order of preference) out there in my opinion.

Robe (SA)sa

Robe and the Coorong National Park offer some stunning beach and bush camping close to Adelaide. The fishing and 4WD potential in the area has few rivals.

Blowering Dam (NSW)

There’s some fantastic bush camping in this magical area of the Snowy Mountains. The grassy wide campsites along the lakeshore are ideal for spreading out, throwing a line and just chilling.

Litchfield National Park (NT)nt

Located a mere 100km southwest of Darwin is one of Australia’s premier camping and freshwater swimming locations in the Top End. The swimming holes, camp areas and waterfalls are fantastic, and best of all; you can swim in peace, knowing there aren’t any crocs about.

Pineapple Flat (VIC)

Situated on the banks of the King River to the north of Mount Buller, in Victoria’s High Country. You’ll need a 4WD to access this area, as there are numerous relatively easy river fords that need crossing. It’s a great place to camp and fish for trout, or to use as a base for tackling some of the areas great 4WD tracks.

Fraser Island (QLD)

qldCamping destinations don’t come much more interesting, relaxed and stunning, as does this island adventure area. Salt and freshwater sand lakes, coloured sands, rainforests, beach camping and expansive beaches. The wildlife, fishing and camping are hard to rival.

Wingan Inlet (VIC)

Nestled along the Far East Gippsland Coast, this small wilderness inlet offers a gateway to hiking some stunningly remote surf beaches. The bush camps overlooking the inlet are sublime, and you’re woken each morning by the sound of rumbling surf and the activity of the fur seals living on the skerries, just metres from where the inlet enters the ocean.

The variety of stunning locations that offer bush camping across Australia could fill more than one book. Some spots are well known and at times heavily frequented, while others are hidden gems that get little camper traffic. Some of those are my personal favourites, places where you can throw down a swag, light a fire, go fishing or hiking and forget about the world for a while. There are plenty of spots, famous and not so, just waiting for you to explore. You’d better get going!

Esperance (WA)wa

Beach camping and 4WDing are made even more exciting by the sheer beauty of this iconic stretch of ocean within reach for Perth adventurers.

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