Maybe you are looking for a pristine waterway for a kayak camping trip? An exclusive fishing spot beside a wild river? Perhaps you are searching for a place where you, your family and friends can spread out and camp the way that generations past were able to? Or just an uncrowded spot for car camping within a couple of hours of a capital city?

Searching for the answers to these questions was what led James and Prue Woodford to create the private land, adventure/travel website Prue and James realised that across Australia were thousands of magnificent private properties with incredible natural attractions that were, until now, off limits to the public.

They wanted to create a community of landholders, who were prepared to share their farms and properties, with travellers who wanted a more natural and authentic camping experience. Their website is a place where people can choose the kind of outdoor experience they really want and re-discover the wonders of the outdoors – skies full of stars, great campfires, more space and freedom.

Through landowners are now able to connect with travellers and adventurers. There are over 50 categories of activities and features that potential travellers are able to search for on the website.

“It’s a win-win,” says Prue Woodford. “Campers and other travellers get access to a whole new frontier of campsites on private land and landowners are able to earn extra income from environmental assets like forests, creeks, dams and even mountains on their land.”

Through the website, travellers and adventurers can search for places on private property for rock climbing, wilderness hiking, fossicking, mountain bike riding, four wheel driving, or just camping and relaxing beside a big farm shed. The site also allows campers to search for private properties where they can take their dogs.

“Imagine driving through a farm gate, to be greeted by friendly land owners and then being directed to a ‘secret’, private spot that will be exclusively yours during your stay,” says Prue. “We now have Youcamp properties across Australia and more are joining us every week, sharing their properties with responsible visitors.”


Visit the Youcamp website by clicking the link below and book your next adventure on private land


camping pic

Youcamp property, Cudbugga Forest, Southern NSW. Image taken by Stuart Cohen.



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