Age is no barrier when it comes to enjoying life. Even if your bones are a little creakier or your confidence a little worn, that’s no excuse to stay at home.

Take a walk

Whether in your local park or on a trail, walking is great for the body, mind and spirit. Wearing the right shoes will provide support, traction and confidence. Ensure your shoe suits the surface you’ll be walking on –aggressive soles like those on more technical trail or sports shoe actually don’t provide good traction on even, groomed surfaces. Merrell offers a range of light, hybrid styles with extra cushioning.

If you’re taking on more uneven surfaces, look for a moderately technical shoe offering grip, stability and cushioning. Hiking shoes resemble rugged running shoes and are good for day-hikes, but for longer walks or heavier loads, chose a flexible mid-cut boot.

Give yourself some extra support with walking poles. Lightweight, adjustable poles with large grips are a good choice, providing extra confidence. With plenty of sleek designs around, they don’t feel like a walking stick but a serious piece of outdoor gear.

A lightweight hydration pack is small and comfortable to wear, with many designs incorporating pockets and hooks for keys and other necessities. Keep hydrated whether you’re on a trail or at the park.

And don’t forget a good jacket. Staying warm and dry is always important, and a light, breathable waterproof model will get you through a range of conditions and is easy to carry.

Hit the road

Whether you’re a grey nomad, a silver gypsy or an occasional caravanner, stock up the van and hit the road when the mood moves you. But take a few of your favourite home comforts – you’ve earned them!

A comfy outdoor chair is essential – look for a high back, a deep seat, extra cushioning and good lower lumbar support. At Ray’s Outdoors, you can try out any chair you like, so you’ll be happy with your choice. Durability and load are also important, and if space is an issue in your van, pack size is a consideration.

A ‘safety first’ attitude is a guaranteed way to avoid any mishaps and enjoy your van. Pack a fire extinguisher, double-check your gas cyclinder and ensure that your van and vehicle brake lights, indicators and headlights are operating; and prep yourself for towing a van, particularly if you haven’t done so for a while. Check out our important caravan forget-me-nots here

Prove it to yourself

Who said that camping is only for youngsters? The secret is just to up the comfort factor and invest in some quality gear for extra support and warmth.

Try a luxury inflatable mattress, or a double sleeping bag that also fully unzips into a doona if you prefer to sleep with bed sheets. These bags are spacious and offer room to move. Consider a Coleman Hot Water On Demand for a guaranteed supply of the hot stuff and don’t forget a safe, bright lantern to avoid any spills in the dark. A headtorch is also a great choice as you can easily direct the beam to where you need it.

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