While our website looks a little different, and you’ll notice new products in our stores and online, our philosophy remains the same – inspiring Australians to explore the great outdoors.

So why the change?

From our beginnings as Rays Tent City in Victoria, we’ve grown to more than fifty stores across every state in Australia. As the world has changed, our lifestyles have changed, but Australia’s amazing natural landscapes and opportunities for adventure are still right here, waiting to be explored. We believe adventure is better together, and our new look, and new stores are designed to make planning your next outdoor escape easy, fun, and memorable.

The new Rays offers everything from gourmet cooking spices to hiking boots, kayaks to swimsuits, solar power panels to mini fuel stoves. Our products are designed to suit Australian conditions, with quality that will grow with your family and travel with you for many years.

Rays is Australian for adventure – from the mountains to the beach and the bush.

How can we help you to get outdoors?

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  • On my first visit to the new site I liked the ease of finding what I wanted and the speed at which the pages loaded. Much more informative than other store’s sites especially for those preparing for their first real ventures into the great outdoors of Australia. Bookmarked as a favourite!

    Ewan McLeod