Gone are the days when it was only the footloose and retired who owned a caravan. More and more people are caravanning for their family holiday. With so many amazing places to adventure to across Australia, no matter whether you’re going for a short trip or for several months, and travelling in a van is simply enjoyable!

Whilst you might be excited to jump in your van and head off, planning is key. Here’s a checklist to help you not forget the important things, plus a few tips from the pros.

  • Safety first! Ensure you carry a fire extinguisher, fire blanket and first aid kit
  • Have your vehicle serviced before you go, especially if you’ll be away for a long period of time
  • Practise towing and reversing your caravan before your first trip or if you haven’t towed for a while
  • Check your equipment. Firmly secure your extended mirrors and check that your van and vehicle brake lights, indicators and headlights are operating
  • Load the van correctly and stay within the load limit
  • Ensure you have a pair of levellers and wheel chocks for when it’s time to park
  • Carry a tool kit including a mallet, spirit level, tent pegs, rope, spare fuses and lubricant spray
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