Whether you’re cruising around tropical islands or spying colourful fish on the reef, the right gear will make your snorkelling trip one to remember.

Here are a few simple tips to help ensure your next snorkelling adventure is a winner.


To correctly size your mask simply place it on your face without the strap and inhale through your nose – if the mask sticks to your face, with no leaks, then you have the right size.

One common reason that masks fill up with water is because of your ‘laugh lines’. When you smile underwater the seal of the mask is broken around the nose area allowing water to enter.


A great feature to look for with your snorkel is a purge – this will assist in clearing water from your snorkel and save coughing up inhaled water.


Getting in to a dry wetsuit can sometimes feel like a straight-jacket. Put plastic bags over your feet or a good shake of talc down the legs and you’ll be ready for your water adventures in no time.

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