Portable Chemical Toilets
Rays Outdoors Empty Portable toilet

These are portable, plastic, dual tank toilets used by 4WD enthusiasts, boaters and campers in areas where normal toilet facilities are not available.
If you are seeking a portable, chemical toilet, you must first ask the following questions:a. Will the toilet be used in a boat, caravan, mobile home or for camping i.e., away from the carrying vehicle?
b. If it’s to be used in a boat, mobile home or caravan, you need to get:- Dimensions of the space in which the unit is to fit.- An estimate of the time you expect to be away from areas where human waste can be disposed of.
Rays Outdoors Empty Portable toiletPortable toilets are basically made up of two plastic tanks, a top and a bottom tank that are clipped together when ready for use.
The top tank contains water with the required amount of Aquakem Rinse (pink) chemical added through a filler plug in the top, to assist with odour control, rinsing and to minimise waste sticking to the bowl. Aquakem Green is the most environmentally friendly and is suitable for containing waste for up to 4 days.
AquaKem Blue is a more concentrated breakdown chemical capable of containing the waste for up to 10 days. Ideal if you are unable to access a toilet, or other disposal point, for an extended period of time. 
The Emptying Spout is accessed by unclipping the top tank and is located on top of the bottom tank. This is where the waste is poured out of the unit and where the treatment chemical is added.

How to Use
Before use, both the top and bottom tanks must be charged with their relevant chemicals and water solutions as per the manufacturers’ instructions. Open the toilet seat and pull out the handle at the front, which opens the seal between top and bottom tanks. The unit is now ready for use. Flushing is carried out by pumping the bellow pump handle. Push the handle at the front to reseal.
To empty the unit
1. Separate the top and bottom tanks ensuring that the valve between the two tanks is closed. There is usually a carrying handle fitted to the bottom tank toassist with removal of the tank to the disposal area.
2. Turn the pouring spout out away from the unit. Unscrew the cap off the pouring spout, on the bottom of the tank, and pour the contents into the disposalfacility. If tap water is available, refill the tank through the pourer spout, replace the lid on the pourer spout and shake the container to help further clean the unit.
Tip the contents into the disposal facility.
3. Recharging the bottom tank is done by adding the recommended amount of chemical to the tank through the pourer spout. Water is then added to cover the bottom of the tank and the lid is replaced on the pourer spout.
Spare parts, including caps, o rings and bellows pumps are available in store for the Thetford brand of portable toilets.

EnsuitesRays Outdoors Ensuites

Ensuites are designed for use as a toilet / shower tent or change room and provide the user with privacy.They are available in single and double and come in a pop up unit or a unit supported by poles. The pop up units are becoming more popular because theyare quick and easy to erect.

Foam Floor Mats

Foam floor mats have a multitude of applications including flooring for tents, annexes, ensuites and gazebos. They come in a range of colours, are designed to clip together and are soft underfoot.Other uses include padding under iceboxes in vehicles and boats and they make ideal padding for protecting loads when travelling.
SHOWERSRays Outdoors Showers
One of the best things after a big day outdoors is a warm shower and you don’t need to go without this luxury even if you are roughing it. There are elaborate systems that deliver hot water instantly and other systems that don’t have any moving parts, either way you choose you’ll be glad you had the option to clean up and be refreshed for the evening.

Instant Hot WaterRays Outdoors Showers

Instant hot water option is something like the Coleman Hot Water On Demand (HWOD) a unit that is compact and neat and tidy, everything tucks and folds away to keep things simple. It delivers hot water within a couple of seconds with temperature control you can have warm water for a shower or boiling water for washing up or a cuppa. A shower rose attaches to the tap for your showers and the water pump sits in either a container of water or straight to a clean creek, it uses LP Gas and can use Coleman’s disposable gas bottles or connect to a large 4.5 or 9kg gas bottle for economy.

Solar Hot Water

Solar shower uses the energy from the sun to heat up water that is contained with-in the thick black plastic bag, simply hang the bag up stand under it and shower away, the trick to using the bag is to ensure you use the water before it cools off when the sun goes down. The bags are inexpensive and pack up small so a great option for those on a budget or with space requirements.

12 Volt Shower

12 volt showers deliver water pumped from a water source through a shower rose for a quality shower, as it doesn’t produce it’s own hot water that will need to be done and added to a large container. One popular option is to stand in a large tuff tub and reuse the water, especially popular with families and children. Being powered by 12 Volt power access to a 12V socket from a vehicle or a 12v battery on its own is required
A great add on for anyone seeking a shower solution is a shower stand, this free standing unit which stands inside an ensuite easily holds a shower rose or a solar hot water bag. Most people will place foam matting over the top of the base to assist with keeping it steady.

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