Kangaroo Steak


500 gm Kangaroo Fillets
125 mL Barbecue Sauce or a Red Wine Marinade
2 tablespoons of Olive Oil


Place the Kangaroo fillets into a mix of the oil and the BBQ sauce for around an hour.

Heat your pan or hot plate to a medium to hot level.

Turn the pan down to medium and then add the Kangaroo, allow excess marinade to drain off before cooking, turn after sealing one side.

Cook on one side for around 3–5 minutes and then turn over and cook for another 5 minutes, some part of the fillet maybe a lot thicker than the rest so use your judgement. Turn the heat off and allow the Kangaroo to rest. Kangaroo is best eaten medium-rare.

Serve with mashed potato and vegetable skewers, you can re-use the marinade as a sauce if you simmer it in a pan first.

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